After recently being chosen as the Rutland Partners charity of the year, it was time to launch the relationship between our two organisations.

On Tuesday the 28th of March, we travelled to the Rutland Partners office in London to meet with the board members who made this relationship possible.

We started the meeting with a presentation of our future objectives and how both organisations could thrive from their coming together, opening up a vast variety of opportunities including fundraising and volunteering amongst others.

After some extremely positive feedback, and a number of  encouraging discussions about the help they can offer in a multitude of ways, we hope to bring some very exciting and new ideas to you in the near future.

With bright things on the horizon, we are extremely excited about this opportunity to have support from such an influential organisation and group of people. We are certainly confident that Kinetic’s future plans look extremely positive, stemming from this successful coming together of Kinetic and Rutland Partners.

Look out for more news on this very soon!

Learn more about their work here 

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