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We are passionate about engaging all in fun, exciting and educational sporting activities. We have a range of specialised coaching packages tailored to the specific needs of our client, using our dynamic workforce to achieve this.

We run an extensive school sport programme that enables your school to uniquely choose a variety of sports to fit with your PE planning.

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What Our Clients Say

Woodcote High School has been part of the Kinetic initiative from the outset. They have provided us with excellent coaching sessions and have always been exceptionally professional and knowledgeable in everything that they have provided us. Every pupil has spoken extremely highly of the manner of the coaches and the thorough approach within which Kinetic operate.

Chris Stone

Kinetic engage with the leadership of the school and also the leadership of the P.E. team really well. For instance, discussions take place at least a term in advance between the school and company to ensure that both parties are clear how P.E. is delivery is to be handled throughout the year.

Steve Charlton

The reliability of Kinetic has been one hundred per cent in any situation. The administration of the company is well organised and the contact between the school and the company has been excellent.

Our current coach is very much a part of the school team and he willingly takes part in any school endeavour.

Linda Shute