Kinetic is an integral part of the local community in and around Croydon, so we thought we would put the main players of the Kinetic team under the spotlight and explore what they look for in their players and the journey they have come on since forming Kinetic.

We caught up with one of the founders of Kinetic; Head of Operations, James Fotheringham (pictured far left), to find out a bit more about him, his goals and aspirations, and how he came to be a founding member of Kinetic Foundation.

Kinetic: What did you do before Kinetic?

James: I started my football coaching journey as work experience in 2005 and Harry, Adam and I founded Kinetic when we left University in 2011. Kinetic started out as a part-time venture for us whilst we pursued jobs in Academy football, gaining additional qualifications and coaching in schools. Things really started to push forward in 2012 after we gained charitable status and we haven’t looked back since.

K: What is your role within Kinetic?

J: I am responsible for the operations of the charity. I look after the finances, the fundraising and events and, together with Harry, the overall strategy for developing our unique youth engagement model for the young people of South London.

K: What do you look for in your players?

J: We look for young people who have a passion and love of football; that is all they need to have. We use this passion to develop their potential, adapt their mindsets and make them more employable once they finish their education and hopefully outstanding members of society.

K: What inspires you to get up in the morning?

J: I am incredibly lucky to get up every morning and work on something I am passionate about. I know it’s cliched but it’s not a job for me, it genuinely is my passion. I really enjoy creating a culture and an environment that gives young people an opportunity to share their voice, pursue their love of football and develop their talent. Every person, with the right commitment and attitude, has an opportunity to achieve their dreams. Here at Kinetic, we are just a small piece in making this a reality.

K: What has been your biggest personal achievement since Kinetic was formed?

J: I have really had no choice but to learn as we have grown. I take pride in fundraising; it isn’t an easy skill but I love it when we can engage with people that believe in our story and vision, and want to help us make a difference. I also love catching up with our alumni, hearing their stories, seeing what they have achieved and feeling proud that we were a part of their journeys.

K: What changes have you seen in the local community since Kinetic was formed?

J: I have noticed that young people have definitely become more self-assured over the last few years. They have more of a voice now and are starting to influence their local communities. More money is being invested in sport in and around Croydon. I love being a part of shaping this community and hopefully we can continue to provide more opportunities for future generations

K: How would you like to see Kinetic progress and develop over the next few years?

J: We have recently launched a new football programme in Crystal Palace, which has been well received. I would love to branch out into another area in the coming years. We feel we have a unique community sport model, which, with the right partners and sponsorship, has a real impact on young people. We know we can help many more young people; we just need to carefully plan our route there, so we can continue to serve those we are already engaged with, as we branch out to other areas.


Watch this space for the second interview in this series with co-founder, Harry Hudson, Head of Strategy.