• Attendance target 96% - to attend all academic and football sessions. Falling less than 80% with no explanation may result in removal from programme.

• Prompt attendance: - ALL students should arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to registration starting and 30 mins prior to a football session starting. Arrival less than 15 minutes from start of session will result in being marked absent.

• Registration: - all students must attend school registration, failure attend will be noted as an absence.

• Attending an academic session: - the following must be adhered to:
1. All phones must be turned off before lessons commence.
2. All coats must be removed.
3. No hoods may be worn up.
4. No caps or hats worn during lessons.
5. No earphones to be worn unless for education purposes.
6. No food to be consumed during academic sessions.
7. Additional school rules and guidance must be adhered to.

• Absence due to injury – if you are unable to take part in a football session the following procedure must be followed:
1. Message Academy Manager with full explanation of injury and target to return
2. Agree fitness programme whilst not playing
3. Attend 1 training session per week as spectator as directed by Academy Manager
4. Still attend all academic sessions

• Absence due to sickness/appointments: - if you are unable to attend an academic session the following procedure must be followed:
1. Message your liaison officer with full explanation of illness
2. If absent for more than 3 days a doctor’s certificate will be required on first day of return and given to Welfare officer
3. All assignments missed will be emailed and must be completed at home in own time
4. As far as possible all doctors and dentist appointments should be made outside of the programme timetable.

• Academic assignments: - all assignments and tasks must be achieved by the set deadlines, failure to do so will result in missing football sessions and selection to games. If four or more pieces of work are missing the student will attend academic sessions in place of football until all are complete.

• Communication: - All students must reply to communication from coaches or tutors within a maximum of 30 minutes.

• Policy and procedure: - All policies and procedures for Kinetic Foundation are available from the Welfare officer and comply with the FA.

• Travel policy: - It is the student’s responsibility to organise their own travel via public transport to all education and training sessions. On occasions students may require transport with a Kinetic coach in a private car, company safeguarding travel policy will be observed at all times.