Cameron came to Kinetic through word of mouth; the best kind of referral! He tried out and was given a spot in the Kinetic Academy at the age of 16 and played on the team for 2 years.

Cameron is an inspiration to all our pupil’s and has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is today. Here’s his story.

Kinetic: How did you first get introduced to Kinetic?

Cameron: I first got introduced to kinetic through people I knew playing for them, a year after that I then signed on at the age of 16.

K: What was your standout moment in your time with Kinetic?

C: My standout moment in my time at kinetic was the American tour where we played in the Dallas Cup. We then followed through going to New York and Philadelphia; this was a crazy experience I will always have with me.

K: What was the most important life lesson you learnt while you with Kinetic?

C: The most important life lesson I learnt at kinetic is that we all have our own journeys in life and our own pathways and it’s important that we stick to these and not get side-tracked by what other people are doing. We all have our own timing and you just have to work hard and believe that you will achieve what you want to achieve.

K: If you could give another potential Kinetic pupil a piece of advice what would it be?

C: My advice would be not to give up. Football is a very hard game and can be cruel at times, but it’s also the best sport! You just need to grind through the bad times, be the first person to training, be the person who works the hardest, be the person who does extras, do everything in your power to better yourself and that’ll take you further then talent ever could.

K: What are you doing now and what does a typical day look like for you?

C: I’ve recently just qualified as a personal trainer through an exclusive Nike course, so I am one of 50 people in the world with this qualification. I now run a community session once a week called mental muscle; which uses exercise to combat mental health issues.

Growing up I suffered with anxiety and football was my getaway, so I know the effect of physical activity and how much it helps, so I created a community surrounded by positivity trying to add value to people’s lives and make the world a better place.

K: Cameron you truly are an inspiration and congratulations on everything you have achieved. The whole team here at Kinetic is incredibly proud of the journey you have gone through and continue on today. Thank you for sharing your story.


If you want to continue following Cameron’s story and his Mental Muscle programme you can via Instagram.  Click here to connect to Cameron.