Isaac joined the Kinetic Academy in 2011 and played for them for two years throughout his school years 11 and 12 before joining their full-time programme at the end of 2013.

Isaac wanted to explore all the opportunities that Kinetic could offer him and is another Kinetic graduate who has gone on to success in higher education in the States. Here’s Isaac’s story.

Kinetic: How did you first get introduced to Kinetic?

Isaac: I first got introduced to Kinetic when they did a trial session at my school, Wilson’s, for a place on their first Academy side.

K: What was your standout moment in your time with Kinetic?

I: My standout moment was captaining the U16s at the Gothia Cup. Leading the team out onto the pitch in the main stadium at the Heden Center in Gothenburg for the quarter final was truly amazing.

K: What was the most important life lesson you learnt while you were with Kinetic?

I: That it is important to give back and pay it forward. During my time at Kinetic as well as playing football for them we also volunteered within the local communities. I volunteered in lots of the coaching settings, like teaching PE to kids with James Fotheringham at a nearby school to Wilson’s, and that is something that inspired me to get into coaching. This aspect of my Kinetic experience taught me to give back and to volunteer and help out in any way I can; a lesson I live by today.

K: If you could give another potential Kinetic pupil a piece of advice what would it be?

I: Explore the opportunities that Kinetic has to offer. As soon as I heard that Kinetic had connections with CSUSA, I wanted to see if coming to the States to study and play football was right for me. If I didn’t show an initial interest in the opportunities Kinetic had to offer I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today and have had the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had since graduating from the Kinetic Academy!

K: What are you doing now and what does a typical day look like for you?

I: I am in the States and have been since graduating as an undergrad from Northwestern College, where I also played college soccer throughout my four years there. Right now, I’m getting my Masters in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Minnesota and playing for the University’s men club soccer team.

This summer I have an internship coaching at a youth soccer club and I’m also playing for a semi-pro team, Vlora City FC. So, on a typical day I usually spend the morning and afternoon preparing for the day’s training session or match and doing other admin duties. Then I’ll go and coach the day’s training session or match. Afterwards I’ll drive over to where Vlora trains and train with them to prepare for the weekend’s game.

Northwestern also introduced me to my wife, who played for the women’s soccer team there and we got married in May 2018. So, I have Kinetic to thank not only for the opportunities I have had in football and education but for putting me on the path to meeting my wife.

K: Isaac that’s amazing, thank you for sharing your story with us. The whole team at Kinetic is really proud of what you have achieved both on and off the pitch and we wish you every success in completing you Masters in Sport and Exercise Science.


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