Charter for Volunteering and Promotional Commitment on Joining the Programme

Kinetic Foundation is a charity and, as such, is reliant upon donations from the public and other organisations. The excellent work of the Foundation can only go on by continually seeking donations through grants,sponsorship and organising fundraising events.

As a young person who has been accepted onto the Foundation’s programme, you will have the opportunity to benefit from the work of the Foundation which is all funded through these donations and fundraising events and the hard work and commitment of the Foundation’s team members.

As part of your commitment to the programme, you are expected to volunteer at least eight hours per month to help to deliver the Foundation’s many worthwhile projects. The Foundation will keep a record of hours you have volunteered which will be included in player reviews.

To assist you in succeeding in the Foundation’s programme the support of your family is invaluable. The Foundation would be grateful if, in showing such support, parents/guardians take an active role in fundraising efforts and promoting the Foundation’s work.

Once you have graduated from the programme, we hope that you remember the influence the Foundation has had in making you ‘the best person you can be. Therefore, the Foundation would like for you, as a participant, to work with us to grow the Foundation and its impact in the local community both during your time in the programme and afterwards, including taking opportunities to:

- identify, secure and donate items for sale at auctions/raffles (signed shirts, sporting memorabilia, quality prizes etc.);
- encourage high profile contacts to make a personal appearance at the Foundation’s fundraising events;
- make personal appearances on leaving the programme to promote the Foundation’s fundraising events;
- while a participant in the programme ensure attendance at the Foundation’s fundraising or other promotional events; and
- make donations to the Foundation as you feel that you can.