The Kinetic Entrepreneurship Programme supported by Howden M&A is underway!

We’re excited to share with you a overview of the entrepreneurship programme for 150+ Year 12 Kinetic Academy students across London which has been developed for our young people to build core business skills, introduce them to role models in business as well as develop their confidence, skills and capabilities to help reach their potential, a key part of Kinetic’s vision and mission.

4 workshops are being delivered and culminating in our young people pitching their ideas to a panel from Howden M&A, with the opportunity to win up to £500 towards launching their business idea.

(1) Business Model Canvas

– A workshop providing an overview of business planning. Using the business model canvas our young people will be able to visualise all the core building blocks to start a business.

Delivered by: Make Happy

(2) Marketing & Social Media

– A workshop to introduce our young people to the core concepts of business marketing and using social media for business.

Delivered by: Let’s Be Brief 

(3) Finance & Budgeting

– An introduction to building a cashflow forecast for a new business and understanding core start-up costs.

Delivered by: Levels Learning

(4) Pitching & Presentation Workshop  

– A workshop delivered by Howden M&A staff to build our young people’s presentation skills and confidence.

(5) Pitching Event
– 6 individuals or groups will enter the ‘Howden Den’ to pitch their ideas to a panel of Howden M&A employees. We will provide a prize of £500 for the winner and £100 to the other groups!

We can’t wait to share with you more from each workshop and the pitching event!