We visited Citi with some of the young people on our full time academy programme where they got first hand insight into the world of financial markets and even got the unique opportunity to visit the trading floor. It was great for our young people to see another potential pathway if they were to pursue higher education.

A massive thank you to Ronan Liston and Ben Travers for organising our visit and for their time during the day. Ben was a footballer himself when younger and had signed schoolboy forms with Ipswich Town FC before being released so it was interesting to hear his experiences with football and how he had got to where he is now while also sharing the numerous similarities between playing football and working in investment banking.

James Fotheringham, Kinetic Foundation co-founder: “We’re so grateful to the bank for giving the kids a once in a lifetime experience. We want to open their eyes to future career opportunities and this is a world where a lot of them would not see themselves, but why not? A very competitive environment where I’m sure a lot of their skills learnt in sport can be invaluable.”